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EtcetEraThread "Channel Not So Awesome" - Ex-contributors of Channel Awesome detail a history of abuse (READ OP)
Reason User banned (permanent): Defending misogyny, transphobia, and hate movements as first post.
Ok. I'm a nobody but I finally get to post so time to unload some opinions I've really really wanted to post for over a week. Probably won't see me post too much as I tend to become a wallflower very fast. But enough with that. I started watching channel awesome at the very very beginning, finding the Nostalgia Critic from the AVGN crossovers. My history with the site has always been a flakey one but it got me through some bad and stressful times in my life and I used to find the Nostalgia Critic very fun, but after Blip sank and the Nostalgia Critic temporarily retired I stopped coming to the site but kept up with as many people as I could find on Youtube. Side Note: Hearing about Justin's death made me quite sad. But yeah it's probably why I never noticed the people who got added after 2013 or 2014. But yeah after the reboot outside of the Commercial Specials the Nostalgia Critic has really lost his charm. Even more so with the recent allegations by people I really like. Heck it actually lead me to discover their twitters and rediscover them. On the Topic of GamerGate I'm actually fairly neutral. For reason's I shall explain simply being that while I wholeheartedly disagree with their methods, I also think Anita was just whining heavily. I mean I do believe Women should get more starring roles and equality in the industry and games and such, on the flipside I remember the immense struggle my dad had to keep custody of my little sister and I away from our Biological Mother. She, my Biological Mother, couldn't hold a job and could barely take care of herself let alone us, yet it took her parents telling the courts that she wouldn't be a fit mother before Dad finally got us. To add salt to the wound when Dad moved away with Us so She couldn't run away with us for the tenth time and had to leave his old job behind, he discovered what an immense struggle it was to get us foodstamps. And forget about Tanif or Wicks or anything like that. To put it bluntly, I'm an Equalist. If those feminist SJW's really were for Social Justice, then they'd really be for it, Championing not only for Women to get equaler jobs, but also for the Flipside of making it so that Single Parent Dad's have an easier time getting the support they need for raising their kids. Also they'd stop spreading the misbelief that only women can get raped, even if it probably is rarer for men to get raped by a woman, probably because there's such a social Stigma against admitting it. TLDR: Woman should be paid Equal. Men should be elligable for Tanif. And a bunch of other Stuff. Also yes there probably is plenty of Mr. Fanservice in the Video Game Industry. Gamergate was a bad thing but Anita was just a whiner. One last thing I just thought of: Written History should not be changed when someone changes gender. It is quite important for historical context. Because that was effectively another person before they changed. Or another form. Oral history is free to change however. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Signed, Teraunce the Gamer Dragon .