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GamingThread Yuzu (Switch emulator) running Mario 3D World+Bowser's Fury at 60fps day 1
Reason User Banned (3 days): Equating emulation with piracy, thread derailing
It comes down to empathy, doesn’t it? In this thread you can absolutely prove that emulation is legal. In this thread you cannot prove that each and everybody on the site is legally emulating. The OT’s for most games around here, you take it as read the people enjoying the game along with you, legitimately obtained it. You cannot necessarily do that here, in this community, with Switch games. That’s a fact With the amount of acrobatics we all go through when talking about this topic, no matter your stance, it should start with people recognising some home truths. And how that could in turn make others feel. As I said, empathy. Don’t agree with someone? That’s your prerogative. At least consider what they are saying and why, first. Probably 50% of all Nintendo-related discussion needs to be taken with the grain of salt that we’re all emulating current hardware/software. It’s fine if that doesn’t sit well with someone, surely.