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"We do not allow our members to make claims or arguments not based on reality"

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AnnouncementsThread Introducing GiftBot! Want to run a giveaway on ResetEra? GiftBot is our gift to you!
Red Text NAME: Prize Name Goes Here GIFT: Code or Other Prize ID Goes HereRAFFLELENGTH: 3h hmTHREAD: giftFIRST d
GiftBot currently supports two types of giveaways: and . For those trying to win a prize, each user is limited to only one entry per giveaway. To create your giveaway, start a new conversation with with the subject . You can to get started. For GiftBot to process your request the message body must adhere to the following format exactly, with one entry per line. Note that the Name and the Gift ID (download code or otherwise) must be on the same line. -- The first member to submit a valid entry will be the winner. -- A timed 24 hour raffle with the winner selected randomly from the entrants. Any prizes leftover after time expires can be won by the first valid entry. NAME: Half Life 3 GIFT: YOUR-KEY-GOES-HERE NAME: Gundam Versus GIFT: TEXT-LINKS-ARE-ALSO-SUPPORTED RAFFLE THREAD: After sending your message, GiftBot will post your giveaway in the specified thread and automatically cross out prizes as they are won. You will also receive a receipt confirming that your giveaway was created. Simply follow the instructions in the giveaway post to enter!