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GamingThread CDPR is a transphobic company. It's time we stop making excuses for them.
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): Dismissing concerns of transphobia over multiple posts
The point is, this is not a hypothetical. I think we can be pretty sure it isn't a trans woman. The thought process is as follows: This is an ad for a product. It has to be depicting the effects of this product. What does the product do? It gives someone a big dick. This is an ad targeting people who don't have dicks. If you don't think that's the case, then what exactly is the drink supposed to do?I really believe people should be allowed to do whatever they would like with their bodies, and no one should prevent anyone from having the body they want. I think we as a society must make that a non-negotiable principle. That includes making transition as easy as possible for trans-people, including financial assistance for surgery and hormone therapy, and allowing people to change their self-ID without any obstacles. By the same token, I refuse to view any choice a cis woman might take with regards to her body in anything but a positive light.Hey Kyuuji, thanks for responding. I appreciate you probably think I'm not acting in good faith, especially given your later posts mocking what I said above (I take it in good spirits, but for the record, it goes without saying that the existence of Quiet as a character is a disgrace), and I don't blame you given how many people act in bad faith with respect to trans issues. I just wanted to say I do learn a lot from the trans community here on Era, and I think it's great to have people like you shining light on issues that, frankly, I wouldn't otherwise be thinking about as a cis man. I don't know much about the history of CDPR; I actually only know what I've learned from your OP. But from what I read there, the only incident before this poster was revealed were the three horrible edgelord tweets, two from CDPR, one from GOG. Given the tweets were deleted, and especially given that the alt-right troll responsible for them was fired, I don't think we can say that CDPR had a long history of being adversarial towards the trans community at the time we first learned about this poster. As regards my comments about the character being a trans man, I simply consider that to be more likely than it being a trans woman. I think one could fairly understand the ad to mean "If you're a woman you can drink this in order to become a man". This is why I was talking about secondary sex characteristics, etc. The question we need to ask here is, what is this ad for? What is it selling? The answer, I think is pretty clear, is that it's selling penises. Trans women don't want to buy penises. This is not an ad targeting trans women. If you assume the character is a trans woman, and that massive dick is part of her body, then what exactly is the drink doing? It just doesn't make sense.