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EtcetEraThread The Problematic nature of BBC's recent viral egg fried rice recipe
Red Text So there are a few different aspects going on here. First, there has long been a history of minority chefs not being given agency in speaking about and presenting on the food of their cultures, especially in venues that are primarily designed for white audiences. And in this case, it appears that a South Asian presenter was directed to cook rice in an inauthentic manner (for an East Asian dish no less), leading to the parody video and ridicule. How to cook rice will differ from region, preference and even what utensils you have available. The framing of authenticity in a way that can erase minority or other genuine methods and recipes is problematic and deserves discussion or criticism. At the same time, though, there can be concerns about the exaggerated accent from the actor of the parody video. These concerns are not mutually exclusive from one another, and they can all be valid, so please be sensitive when discussing the situation. Anyone that does not may be moderated.