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EtcetEraThread Why does everything have to be political on here?
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Broadly dismissing the importance of discussing social injustices, history of bans for doing the same
I joined Resetera to get away from the drama and shit talkers on another site. Early days things were good here closer community but lately every single post is About someone’s political or ideology being forced down my throat. Can’t we have a gaming forum without all this? Real life sucks games are not real they are supposed to be an escape.The designers creative story played out. Why does it have to have A,B,C or it’s racist , homophobic, or something else? why can’t games just be games. Why can’t we just discuss the games for what they are not not turn everything into a war?? Im at a loss for why everyone here constantly has an issue with everything why can’t people have different opinions with labels being tossed around and people trying to cancel you out? where is live and let live anymore??