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"a choice between right-wing liberalism and hard conservatism"

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EtcetEraThread Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) resources and discussion thread (Discussion guidelines in OP)
Reason User banned (3 days): Hostility
Interesting that you think there is some sort of fucking narrative to my post to begin with. This isn’t some fucking politics thread where it’s one side against the other, in case you missed the world is kinda fucked right no, maybe calm it with the accusations once in a while..? No wonder some of the old timers stepped away from this place recently with shit like this allowed to happen. God forbid you don’t tailor each and every post with multiple caveats and qualifiers. Accusing me of trying it on with narratives in the middle of a fucking pandemic, come the fuck on. You can definitely miss me with that shit. Guess what! No fucking narrative here, apart from the very real one that we are all, ALL in the shit equally until this first wave is done for. Until this thing is done for. The ‘narrative’ I supposedly laid out in my post. Hey, hey, hey what is interesting is that it is already being played out in governments across the world despite the so called narrative (must be fiction right?) I wrote. It’s absolutely shit for everyone living on this planet, but yeah, many governments with the support of vast majority of the respective populations will choose the lesser evil I posted about. My parents, relatives, sibling and even SO can be classed at risk. So yeah excuse me. Hell it’s already happening now with countries reopening. Really, no country should be opening up until the r number is around 0.2, like New Zealand has done and cut the R0 right down to size. Realistically many are opening up with the r number many degrees higher then that. BTW, I find it interesting how you fixated on the numbers I posted rather then the words around them. Very interesting indeed. So you agree with what I said then? I mean that’s the narrative I got from your post,right? Funny how that works. BTW, the numbers I posted are indeed on the low end of things, unrealistic even, but I did so purposefully not to cause alarm in an already fucked thread. But you know what, to satisfy your need to call me out for no apparent fucking reason, hey I‘ll add a good couple of zeros to the numbers I posted, yknow just to further push people into blind panic in this thread, ah but you MUST be accurate right? No room for reading the temperature in this thread. Just endless cynicism pessimism and bleakness in the disguise of keeping things real. BTW, I have, in multiple posts, threads and discussions already on here many times CLEARLY stated about in between measures and the new normal we all need to live with until a treatments and a vaccine is found. I expressed support for them many times and even posted multiple suggestions. I already stated it’s a dial like system when it comes to shutdowns on this very forum, I mean my posts are open to all to read and trawl through. BTW, the false dilemma isn’t so false for many, many poor countries who literally cannot afford to lockdown for weeks if not months on end and the expect to open up slowly, it quickly becomes a matter of countless people starving on the streets and entire countries going bust. IMF isn’t getting loan applications from the likes of Pakistan for the fun of it just to fund its own fucking lockdown, with the PM effectively stating they cannot lockdown for long or take things slow as people will starve in the streets. Maybe check out the lockdown stories from the likes of Afghanista sometime? India? Pakistan? Somalia? Maybe don’t be blinded by first world thinking so much when it comes to a serious global issue that will and has affected everything and everyone.