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"Alt-right is weaponizing "outrage culture". Clever Girl."

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EtcetEraThread UK coronavirus discussion (up: 21 March- deal with private sector to support NHS at cost: 1,200 ventilators, 20,000 staff, 8k beds- see threadmarks)
Reason User banned (1 week): spreading misinformation, hostility, antagonising other user
At this stage I need to ask, are you wilfully being ignorant? As I keep repeating for the umpteenth time now a 200k-400k death rate from 60% infection or whatever past figures you've used are the figures if EVERYONE was infected PROPORTIONALLY. Do you understand what that means? When you remove the at risk that number drops significantly. I'll illustrate this in a simple analogy so maybe you'll understand better; if hypothetically and hyperbolically we were to round up all the at risk individuals (the sick, the old etc..) and shipped them off to a remote isolated island where the virus could not reach and in the mean time we let the virus run loose on everyone else that was left you'd see a death rate of close to 0% if not outright 0%. This population would then develop immunity to it and if we then returned those at risk individuals back into general population you'd have herd immunity that would totally protect them.That is in the clearest sense what the government is trying to do hypothetically. I can't explain it any simpler than that.I understand population statistics, it's you that's running with WHO statements without understanding the meaning or figures behind it. I'll educate you. What do you want to class as "young"? Lets say under 30. Looking at that stats by ICL we see that 0.0126% of under 30s die from this virus. This ALL under 30s. So that includes those people at risk that have an underlying health condition. Stats have shown that people with those underlying health conditions are at least 5 times more likely to suffer severe reactions to this virus. So for healthy under 30s we could be looking at death rate of 0.0025%. That's death rate, looking at hospitalisation we see that around 0.53% of ALL under 30s will require such due to contracting the virus. Looking at just healthy individuals we see that it's 0.106%. Now lets look at people that will require critical care, it's 0.0265% of ALL under 30s. So it's ~ 0.0053%. Hospitalisation in the UK for flu for under 30s is around 0.2%. So you're just wrong on every level. What the WHO was saying this on a literally sense young people are not immune to the virus. And that is completely accurate. They're speaking to those spring breaker types that think they are literally immune to the virus. Of course they're not.No they discussed herd immunity and the lack of it in both cases.No not "no herd immunity", they say "less" AND depending on how stringent the suppression methods are. And they don't say it needs to continue for 5+ months, they say it needs to continue indefinitely until a vaccine is developed.Again if that were the case we'd have seen a complete lock down days ago. This is beyond obvious. Why is a fairly high level of social interaction being allowed if the aim is to reduce R0 to below 1? Because they're allowing for herd immunity.Awww, this is sooo cute! Doesn't really jive though since I've had to correct you numerous times on gaps on your knowledge.I don't know if I should keep doing you the courtesy of assuming you're intentionally ignoring the correction I keep making to this misconceived or you're just no intellectually capable of understanding it. Either way I'm not going to example something again when I've already explained it 9 times.Yes their is, if you'd read the ICL report like you claim you did then you'd have seen this. Instead you read a news article about the WHO saying young people aren't immune and have somehow extrapolated that you mean that young people contract severe cases of the virus commonly.Comparison between flu in healthy young people and COVID-19 in healthy young people is accurate.In your bond villain fictional idea of herd immunity maybe. But no one with a modicum of intelligence has suggested it in the way you're. I've explained that 10 times now. I'm going to need to put you on ignore for my own sanity. Bye