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GamingThread Digital Foundry || Minecraft DXR on Xbox Series X: Next-Gen Ray Tracing Analysis!
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if you want to talk shit about someone do it to their face, and to date not one actual developer has come out and corrected the formula i used to calculate the number of intersection tests you can do per second, and until one does, you can shut the fuck up sir. Infact nobody has provided a different formula for calculating that information at all. saying "youre wrong" but not proving it means literally nothing, and until someone can provide a formula that matches the known data, my formula stands. My formula straight up matches the fucking data both companies advertised, and if you think its wrong you're welcome to provide a better one, otherwise you can kindly fuck off with that passive agressive bullshit and talking shit about people behind their backs. every preview we have of minecraft RTX says it runs at 1080p at 30 - 60 at best on a 2080Ti and they spend months and had an entire team working on it. XSX is apparently delivering the same, except 1 dude did the tech demo in a month, without support from a team of engineers spending months helping him like the team has for the minecraft RTX work. so show me how minecraft RTX ran exactly one month into development, or uh, you're simply wrong here sir. its not an apples to apples comparison, and the data we have about minecraft RTX anyway says it doesn't run better on a 2080TI. dictator saying it does is not the same thing as dictator providing proof that it does, and we have footage of it running at sub 60 at 1080p on the 2080Ti, and none of it running over 60 at all times