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EtcetEraThread Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) resources and discussion thread (Discussion guidelines in OP)
Red Text This epidemic is a serious situation and as such deserves a serious level of discussion. Please refrain from posting unsubstantiated information from unverified or disreputable sources, baseless conspiracy theories, or low-effort fear-mongering. Any comments failing to do so may be subject to moderation. Thank you.
Given the concern and confusion of discussions in the wake of the current Wuhan novel coronavirus outbreak (aka 2019-nCoV or COVID-19), the team has allowed me to reboot the coronavirus thread with a more comprehensive OP for our members to learn about the disease and its current situation, so as so prime conversation and prevent misinformation. It is important to emphasize that information on COVID-19 continues to emerge and evolve as researchers and medical professionals around the world contend with this ongoing outbreak; statements (including the opinions of other posters) should therefore be evaluated in that light. __________ The World Health Organization (WHO), the public health arm of the United Nations, has a handy webpage on the current outbreak, with a plethora of links to guidelines and information. Of particular interest to the general public is their Q&A, which provides an easy overview of the basic characteristics of the disease: As well as their page on recommendations for the public in protecting against infection: Of note is the recommendation that healthy individuals need only wear a mask if they are taking care of someone with a suspected infection; otherwise, wear a mask if you are experience coughing or sneezing symptoms, and make sure to do so in conjunction with frequent hand-washing. It should also be noted that the WHO does not recommend restrictions on international travel at this time (as per their statements on the and ). However, basic precautions should be taken, and advice can be found in the video below: For those interested in keeping abreast of emerging epidemiological information, the WHO also releases daily global situation reports, which can be found here: Basic stats as of the 22nd of February: For a streamlined overview globally, please refer to the WHO's interactive situation dashboard: __________ The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the national public health institute of the United States, has also composed a hub dedicated to the coronavirus, which is of particular interest to our American members, but also provides information of use to our members globally. Below you'll find some PDF factsheets with a quick overview of COVID-19: For our members located in the US, the CDC provides an updating page outlining the presence of COVID-19 cases state by state: Concerning international travel, the CDC has issued a , recommending that individuals avoid all nonessential travel to the People's Republic of China. and have both been issued Alert - Level 2 Travel Notices, meaning that travelers should practice enhanced precautions, and that older adults and those with chronic medical conditions should consider postponing nonessential travel to those countries. , meaning that the CDC does not recommend avoiding travel to Hong Kong, but that travelers should exercise basic precautions. __________ For some information more generally on disease, the novel coronavirus, and its social ramifications, Era member kindly provided us with the following links: I also highly recommend his thread on resources pertaining to epidemiology: __________