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"This stock drop has nothing to do with how Labo is or isn't selling."

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EtcetEraThread A Critique of Red Letter Media’s Bigoted Content (See Staff Post)
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Ignoring staff post; downplaying bigoted content, Inflammatory community attack and generalization
I knew that Era would have such a topic, with over 1000 posts. I just knew. Here is my hot RLM take. I like RLM despite seeing all sorts of problems with their content. Some are basic Hollywood facts, like how a film profit is calculated. They constantly explain it wrong. Is say less Jay and have no deep-rooted problems with Mike to comment on that one. is in full swing this year when I look into this year´s release schedule. That observation will by my personal RLM legacy. Their best video btw: PS: The Nerd Crew is unwatchable to me. Valid point, trash execution. I only survived one full ep.