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EtcetEraThread Unfinished General Leia Scenes Reduced Rose’s Role, Says Star Wars 9 Writer Chris Terrio
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Concern trolling + antagonising other member; multiple infractions for antagonism and condescending posts.
It doesn't, sorry. It has another meaning, the original one, that is the most common meaning, and it was the one intended here, which the author is copping to. We're done here.I'm not just "technically correct," though I certainly am that. You are the one diminishing the contributions of Asian actors to . Calling them "Buddha" and acting like they were shit when they were in the central cast and got their own posters, claiming that having two legendary Chinese actors rounding out the protagonist crew in a movie that outperformed Episode 9 on its opening weekend amounts to nothing is definitely... . Push for more, sure - more diversity is great, but what is this need to pretend these contributions practically never happened and are essentially worthless? Rogue One you have those two characters just for East Asian representation, plus Riz Ahmed if you want to expand to the rest of the contintent. Then in Episodes 8 and 9 there is Rose and her sister, and there are plenty of side characters like Ken Leung's character, X-Wing pilots, and outside the films there's Tiya Sircar's character, the Battlefront II protagonist ... Yes, I'm going to call out a comment like "KMT is literally our only representation." It isn't true and you erase people's work when you say that.Been waiting for her to show up in Mandalorian!