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"We're getting heavily played."

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GamingThread Next-gen PS5 and next Xbox speculation launch thread |OT8| - The Dark Tower (See Staff Post)
Reason User Banned (3 days): Antagonising other users
Have you seen Colbert's chart? Have you seen Klobrille's drive by posts? Have you seen the over arching theory that PlayStation is consigned to 2018 technology because they foolishly started earlier? Have you read the posts (including my own) that were told a post on a Taiwan bulletin board about APU size is gospel? I can mention a million examples, but it's not about Xbox being weak. Xbox is 12 TF and is incredible for it. Its not one sided but the skepticism and cynicism and cautionary optimism over a more powerful PS5 is BAFFLING Hell no this isn't conservative. Conservative is Colbert's prediction that PS5 could be 8.x TF.