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"We're getting heavily played."

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EtcetEraThread Nancy Pelosi mocks AOC & left-wing opposition to Border funding bill: “They have their public whatever and their Twitter world”
Reason User banned (1 week): Antagonizing members, trolling in a sensitive thread, history of similar behavior
Which can mean a lot of things, like understanding how congress works. Not everything comes down to activism or actually being in the real world, many people can't do that for various reasons. Which is why it's primarily from a knowledge standpoint. And why I bring up the movements themselves, not individual people.That's right, you're from the part of the left who is anti-intellectual. All you're interested in is paper thin hot takes, ironic considering all the Justice Democrats and Bernie Sanders himself went to university. I guess they'll have to be canceled. Idiot leftists is right.This is such bullshit. I was sad that there was nothing to be done to help you in this political climate, either by current leadership or President Bernie, and that I wished more could be done. But anything to score some points for character assassination, because that's all that counts, right? Nope, my long game is the presidency and congress - its the left who are riding too much in the presidency, despite my repeated warnings not too. It's telling that you have to make up lies about me because the truth is too inconvenient for your narrative. In the mean time leftists in this thread were ok signing off on condemning all those people in the concentration camps to death because it's about "principles," and no-one would answer what would happen once the funding was cut off. I welcome contradictory voices, it's you guys who will shout down anyone who disagrees. You do the left a disservice, You're the one acting on "thoughts and prayers," not me. Stop projecting. I thought I was getting thought to you in good faith, instead you're like the rest and only engage in bad faith arguments. My mistake.