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"Are these alt posts just vying for 'craven post of the day' on kiwi farms or something?"

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EtcetEraThread Brie Larson is ready for her Star Wars Role
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Inflammatory point of comparison over multiple posts in this thread
Every time I see someone support the movie, one of the key elements is "it subverts expectations!" Those scenes with Kylo and Rey in the trailer that more or less implied they'd join forces? Instead, it's Jedi vs Sith! EVERY OTHER Star Wars movie. It's a murder mystery where the butler actually did it, and people think I should be surprised? Now, a president who is a white supremacist who is on video admitting to sexual assault? Let's elect him president, what could go wrong? Acting like a tyrant who subverts the constitution at every expectation? Surprise! One group hates him for that...the other worships him for it and pissing off the former. Would you like me to quote one of the users who likes TLJ because it "makes the haters salty"? Especially for defending a Star Wars movie that is highly divisive? Say what you will about it doing comercially well, it's Star Wars, it would be stupid to say it wouldn't make money.Some of the criticisms were sexist and bullshit. Rose's actress being sexually harassed on Twitter was absolutely not cool. Critically speaking, however, Rose's character sucked. Unfortunately, some people take that to heart a bit too much to harass her off twitter which doesn't matter as the role itself was bad from the beginning. Or would you call it sexist to criticize Rey as well?