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"It seems this conversation has become unproductive."

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GamingThread "Yet Another Generic White Dude" - A legitimate discussion on criticism regarding character design diversity
Reason User Banned (2 days): thread whining
First of all, thanks for the thoughtful and respectful response, I appreciate that. I agree with what you're saying. But isn't it a little bit biased already assuming, that his perspective or the portrayal of Cal could be boring? It might as well be, we can't know yet. And in no way I wanted to insult or diminish anybody. I just wanted to state my opinion. Obviously it's not overly welcome it, at least it seems so to me. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, that wasn't my target. I personally are just a little bit annoyed by the fact, that everything has to be political and that there are so many discussions nowadays. Like you correctly assume, it kinda bothers me or takes a bit of the fun away, to always see such discussions on the medium I love since I was a child. Honestly after a saw the thread title, my first thought was "not again". Because to that point, I was just happy that there will be a new Star Wars game, with Jedis, single player, story driven. But since any more discussion won't help on that matter, I just let it be and look forward to the game :)