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EtcetEraThread Trump tweets spliced together video of Ilhan Omar and 9/11
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Victim blaming in relation to Islamophobia; previous severe infractions
This is Trump doing his normal sctick. I normally just ignore it at this point. Bottom line is its horrible in general, but this was just handed to him on a platter, and hes not going to be held accountable for it unless hes voted out. On Ilhan, quite frankly, I support her but she has made multiple unforced errors and that is on her. I know she means well and I wish her the best but she needs to have a prepared speech proof read in the future (factual errors/wording being inappropirate). AOC is also a very progressive congresswoman but she doesnt make these unforced errors. Its not always just about race/gender/religion. Ilhan makes unforced errors. Maybe its a learning/growing process. Hopefully she gets better at it.