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GamingThread Thank you, devs!
Reason User Banned (5 Days) - Continued history of Platform Warring
Thank you Sony devs for creating remarkable story driven single player campaigns with equally great combat systems unlike other ubisoft devs who couldnt give two shits about good combat systems. Thank you Bungie for creating games that arent riddled with bugs at launch aka anthem. thank you bioware for having the common sense to include random rolls in end game gear so every drop is exciting unlike bungie who after 5 and a half years have remained clueless about how to keep loot interesting. thank you microsoft first party developers for reminding me that why i love sony. thank you nintendo first party developers for making games era wants to play. thank you capcom devs for creating a wonderful engine with some incredible visuals, animations, character designs, combat and all at 60 fps without trying to cash in on the fucking GaaS train like Respawn. thank you respawn for titanfall 2. thank you dice for BF1. fuck you dice for ruining BF1. thank you insomniac for sunset, ratchet and spiderman. 3 of my favorite games this gen.