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AnnouncementsThread Introducing ResetEra 2.0! Update: Y'all killed our beta server, beta delayed until unkilled
Red Text Hi everyone, wow, we're blown away by the response. You guys are the best, we weren't expecting this kind of love. Unfortunately, you guys are so great that you crashed our beta server within minutes of launch! It looks like we're going to need a little more time to get things up and running again. We will have an update for you by early next week! If people still find ways to break rules or abuse features available on the beta site, their live accounts will be banned. If this becomes a recurring problem those features may be disabled on the beta! Let's try to have nice things.
We've been talking for a while now about our plans to create a site design that would be worthy of the title 2.0. The time has come to show you everything that entails. In the past, site development was all handled internally. In order to meet our ambitious goals and assist the technical team, professional forum developers were contracted to help with every aspect of this project. While this approach ruled out any design by committee, the result is a forum with a combination of features and flourishes found nowhere else on the internet. First things first: ResetEra 2.0 has been built upon next generation forum software in Xenforo 2.0. The current site designs were built upon the older Xenforo 1.5 for (at the time) greater stability and compatibility with a number of third party plugins which have been essential for managing a community of this size. A year later Xenforo 2.0 has matured as a platform and is now fully compatible with our needs. This upgrade needs to happen in order to ensure that the base software will continue to receive support, and it brings with it a number of quality of life improvements. Because this is a generational leap, none of the existing themes we have developed so far will be compatible with the new software. This includes both LightEra/DarkEra as well as DayEra/NightEra. Many of you are attached to the old themes, but simply bringing those over was not possible. As such, we've incorporated the lessons we've learned from those themes and the feedback you've offered and put it all into something truly ambitious. Sometimes it's easier to show rather than tell. Please watch the following videos for your first introduction to ResetEra 2.0.The team aimed to create something highly responsive and functional, wrapped up in a design that looks like a product of 2018. The left sidebar offers a host of navigation options. The right sidebar offers information about the board and a list of the latest threads. Both are hidden by default and can be shown or hidden again at your whim. If your screen resolution is large enough, an option to expand the site to fit the full width is available in the bottom left corner.The ability to navigate straight from the thread list to the original post (back arrow) last post (forward arrow) and first unread post (thread title) has been retained from the DayEra/NightEra designs. As per your feedback, the dark theme boasts muted purples inspired by the DarkEra legacy theme. Going from light theme to dark theme and vice versa is now as simple as clicking a switch. Mobile view was a big emphasis during development. A lot of effort went into making sure that browsing on mobile offers feature parity with desktop. This is the first time that we have been able to display view count and reply count on the mobile thread list, and the first time we've been able to represent both the thread creator (via avatar) and the latest poster. A full accounting of every new feature in ResetEra 2.0 would take forever. There will be any number of cool things that you'll discover yourselves when you get your hands on it. Some of these are inherent to the Xenforo 2.0 platform, some are the product of third party plugins, and some have been uniquely customized for us and no one else. We wanted to highlight some of our favorite new features that we think you will enjoy. This is a feature that you've been asking for almost since the launch of the forum, and we're finally delighted to provide it. ResetEra 2.0 will allow you to easily ignore any thread by clicking the Ignore button in the top right corner. That thread will then disappear from your thread list. If you accidentally ignore a thread or otherwise want to remove a thread from your ignore list, don't worry! Simply navigate to the bottom of the thread list and click "Show ignored content" to reveal the threads you've ignored. The long conflict between supporters of 50 posts per page and 100 posts per page is officially over. No longer will you be restricted to such a limited, binary choice. With ResetEra 2.0 we are now introducing the option to set any custom value you want between 50 and 100 posts / threads per page. Simply check your account preferences and enter whatever number you desires. Do you want to have 75 posts per page? There's nothing stopping you now! 62 threads per page? Why not! 51 threads per page and 83 posts per page? You do you! Please note that we're leaving the default untouched at 50 posts per page and 40 threads per page. Have you ever had a nice post written up, only to accidentally navigate away from the page, wiping away all your hard work? If so then this one is for you: ResetEra 2.0 includes a draft feature in the message editor allowing you to save your work for later. To use this feature simply click the floppy disk icon and select "Save draft" to make sure your work is protected. If you want to delete a draft simply select "Delete draft" from the same dropdown and the reply box will be empty when you next reload the page. At the bottom of every thread (beneath the reply box) you will now be able to peruse a list of threads covering similar topics, making it easier to discover other content that might be of interest to you. Additionally, when creating a new thread, you will be shown a list of similar threads that already exist. This should help members avoid posting duplicate threads for news or topics that have already been covered. Here is a feature that just seems obvious in hindsight. Easily available via top navigation or sidebar navigation, the Trending page presents an automated selection of the hottest threads across all of ResetEra 2.0 at any given moment in time. If you pop open the right sidebar on the Trending page, you will find a convenient list of filters for each forum section to help you sort through and discover the content that interests you the most. Should Trending prove to be popular we may find ways in the future to expand and improve this feature further. Large, fast moving threads are often difficult to navigate and keep up with. Great posts can get lost in the shuffle, important updates can be missed, and Staff Posts can be difficult to find and refer to unless the post number is edited into the title. Threadmarks empowers thread creators with the ability to curate their own threads by selecting posts to be added to an index that will appear at the top of the thread. Thread creators will be able to sort Threadmarks into two categories: The default Threadmarks category (intended for updates) and a Highlights category (for other great or notable posts in the thread). A third category, Staff Posts, is available to staff only and will be used whenever there is a risk of a Staff Post going unnoticed. When entering a large thread, be sure to check first whether the Staff Posts index is present at the top! Not to be confused with Threadmarks, Bookmarks allows you to save any individual posts and threads that you might want to come back to in the future. If you come across content that is particularly helpful, insightful or entertaining, you can now save that post or thread directly to your forum account. These Bookmarks become instantly available in a convenient drop down tab. Many of you have asked for more embed support for popular services like Vimeo. We've gone even further: ResetEra 2.0 will support embeds for 24 different services including podcasts, audio, crowdfunding, and more. You can check out the full list of supported embeds below. There should be something for everyone! This is a particularly fun feature which we're very pleased to be able to offer. When ResetEra 2.0 goes live and the migration is complete, members will be able to upload cover images to personalize their profile pages. Thread creators will also be able to upload and select covers for individual threads as well! These uploads have a recommended resolution of 600x1000 and will be limited to 250kb (easily achieved with reasonable jpg compression). See the following video for a demonstration.Covers will be moderated like any other images or avatars. Please note that we will be monitoring the effect of this feature on site performance, and may make future adjustments as necessary. We know we've given you a lot to digest already! There will also undoubtedly be bugs and other issues that we have not yet detected ourselves. Therefore, starting immediately, we are opening up our beta site to any of our registered members who had accounts in good standing on October 2 (when the database was migrated). If that does not describe you then unfortunately you are out of luck. Because we cannot commit to moderating two forums at once, the beta website has had posting and other features disabled and is in read-only mode. We hope that you'll enjoy exploring the new design and its options, browsing experience, and wealth of available features. In order to access the beta, please sign in with your usual ResetEra credentials. You may then have to manually select either the "Resetera" or "Resetera Dark" theme options from the style chooser in the bottom left. Please report any bugs you find in this thread, and make sure to read before you offer feedback. We expect to run this beta for about a week before addressing final issues and preparing for launch. We've put all of our hearts and months of our lives into this project. We hope that you enjoy it! That's right! ResetEra 2.0 will boast full Unicode support, and with it, emojis. Please note that emojis are not to be confused with smilies, so these won't be available in the post editor. You can simply place them using your OS level emoji keyboard. We place this great power in your hands and expect you'll use it responsibly.