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EtcetEraThread A Deep Dive: Why is British media so transphobic?
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Consistent history of excusing or rationalizing transphobia despite previous infractions
The word TERF is massively overused and it's why places like pinknews don't use it anymore. That isn't to say that TERFs don't exist, but the word is used in scenarios where it really shouldn't be and it's a label used to signal a group of people to harass others. Key example, I'm trans, but not everyone knows that. I've been called a TERF just because I shared and discussed a story of a detransitioner (there was one recently from a woman who lived as a trans man for over 20 years due to the trauma of being raped by her father repeatedly). The purpose of calling me a TERF for bringing it up was to basically silence and me and justify me being blocked from engaging in a conversation. There are some horrible people. The Manchester Gay Village has this beautiful anti-TERF sign up on many of the bars and last night was a blast. I love those things, but sadly the word has been, again, massively overused. So to discuss what is happening in UK media, the problem is the UK's hard on for giving both sides of a debate equal space. The BBC is notorious for this. This means that they will put on a transwoman journalist, put her up with a professional sexologist and have them "debate". Gender Critical feminists consider it a victory that even places like The Guardian are reporting that there are women who appose the GRA for "feminist reasons", as a way to get the public to decide what they want. And then occasionally you get the odd shout out to a transwoman (it's never transmen) that opposes it also. No she isn't. She has, however, shared transphobic stuff. Because once someone is labelled as a TERF (either for being one or getting mixed up) gets bombarded with harassment and it does nothing to change their mind. It just reinforces this idea that you can't challenge or question anything that trans activism says. The irony is that many trans people do when starting out, asking in communities if they're trans or not, and they're given explanations. But when a woman has any of the same questions, they're labelled in this way. - The middle ground doesn't exist. GC feminists are wrong. Opposer of the GRA that line up with "safety of women" are wrong, but to me it makes sense that not everyone is immediately up to speed. It makes more sense to educate people where they are wrong than silence them, mostly when it is some cis women of Britain who are constantly being given a platform to speak out against trans rights.