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GamingThread Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age |OT| Classic Combat Camera is Crucial
Red Text All, please be careful with spoilers. While this game can be difficult to exactly describe where you are in the story without giving things away, please try to take care when posting your progress or answering others' questions. Here's an example of a bad spoiler.Here's a better one:This goes for other games as well. If someone asks a question, don't respond with "No that doesn't happen in DQXI, but in DQIV did you know that the bad guy is really your mother omg!?" or even for things happening later in DQXI: Don't respond with "No, but later in the game you get a mecha-spaceship that shoots rhinoceroses at enemies!" This has been a great thread for the most part, please try and be considerate of your fellow players. Thanks.
...I don't know why the spacing is so weird in this post.