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GamingThread Rank the Resident Evil games
Red Text MOD EDIT - Do not make this a list thread. Give reasons as to why you're ranking the games as such as the OP has done.
Let's rank the Resident Evil games, including all the spin-offs. Yes, even that really bad one. I haven't played everything in the franchise yet but from the ones I played: 1. Resident Evil 4 - Just replayed it. Still holds up. Still insanely fun. Certain parts of the island section becomes too bombastic and ignoring the insta-kill QTEs this game is flawless. The cheese filled dialogue and tight gameplay is the highlight here. 2. Resident Evil (2002) - The best remake ever made. The atmosphere, the surgical-precision level design, that mansion and all her secrets. Simply exquisite. 3. Resident Evil 2 - I love it for a lot of the same reason as above in addition to the higher level of action. 4. Resident Evil 7 - This is the second time the franchise re-invented itself and it works for the most part. Slightly lacking in enemy variety and the final section in the mines is a little too linear but otherwise a very solid RE game. It recaptures the subdued nature of the pre-4 RE games while introducing a bunch of new elements. Really enjoyed this one. 5. Revelation 2 - Not terrible, not great. Mostly unmemorable. 6. Resident Evil 5 - It took some of the worst parts of RE4 and rolled with it. The ugly ass visual doesn't help either. 7. Resident Evil 0 - Their heart was in the right place but the design wasn't. The partner system simply isn't very fun. This is the only RE game I dropped (on the floor) and never finished. 8. Umbrella Crops - Yikes.