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"Engaging the Doxx9001 as we speak."

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GamingThread Metro Exodus pre-order bonuses: Xbox One (Metro 2033 Redux), PS4 (Dynamic Theme)
Reason User Warned - Antagonizing a fellow member, ignoring a mod post
Me settle down? settle down! So I see your true sinister motives behind the pre-order, for you did not want it that badly in the first place (shame on you). This is fair enough (still shame on you). But I still find the protest part silly. Of all of the garbo that goes on in this industry, this is perhaps the least offensive. "But myeh it's the principle that counts, see" but myeh getting the redux for free is hardly a bonus when one can get the redux in the first place for pocket change. Getting your jimmies rustled over it doesn't seem rational to me. It seems more so "petty" as was the word that was used to describe getting up in arms over this. Hell, I can just buy the game for you and make all of your problems go away, but I gotta buy me dinner. And my dinner is a bit more sophistiqué than my crappy lunch at work.