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EtcetEraThread Calls for boycott as racist Trevor Noah clip resurfaces
Red Text While I know in recent days there have been many stories regarding the alt-right making accusations, digging up dirt, etc., on famous people in order to get them fired, each story needs to be looked at separately. In Trevor Noah's case, the initial accusation was brought up by Aboriginal Australians who felt genuine offense at his "joke," and while it's true that members of the alt-right have been more than happy to jump on the train, that doesn't diminish the original concerns and offense by the Aboriginal Australians. Try not to conflate those two parties when looking at this situation.
We're not ignoring the thread, but there's still a discussion to be had (again, while I know the source of the original accusations, it has been latched onto by unsavory types, so they're sadly part of the conversation). People get things wrong, and honestly with a lot of the recent news lately, I can at least sorta "understand" why people are making that assumption. That doesn't mean it's correct. At this point I'm hoping people learn from their knee-jerk mistake and course-correct before we jump to any major action. That said, I suppose I can add to this (and the OP) to clear it up: